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The screen shot below shows the Browse3D Room View. The three-walled-room design is very simple for a purpose. When designing 3D software applications, it’s easy to get very complicated. The more complicated the design, the harder it is to learn to use and navigate through the 3D scene. The Browse3D design is grounded in a three-walled room so the user can’t get lost. We don’t display images behind you, above your head, or below your feet. That’s disorienting and leads to a frustrating navigation experience. The Browse3D views are simply straight ahead and peripherally to the left and right. This is a natural information gathering posture displaying where you are (Center Wall), where you can go (Right Wall) and where you’ve been (Left Wall).

Home View

Right-Wall View

Left-Wall View

Sticky-Wall View


Why Use Browse3D? Browse3D is excellent when using sites with lists like Google or eBay.  Just hold down the Ctrl key and click on as many links as you'd like.  Those Web pages are loaded to the Browse3D right wall for immediate access while you continue to have full use of the center wall Web page.  Browse3D also blocks annoying pop-ups and provides a complete visual history of where you've been on the left wall.

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