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Commonly Used Commands:

Ctrl -> Right Click or
Ctrl -> Left Click
To select links from the center wall (or any wall) to be loaded onto the right wall, hold down the Ctrl key and Left or Right click a link in the center wall. This is called "user selectable links"  and is commonly used with Auto Crawl turned OFF, (see below.)
To zoom in on a right or left wall web page single click anywhere on the image.  To zoom back out, click on the gray or blank area of the wall or the room background.
Select Page for Center Wall
To move Web pages from the right or left wall to the center wall, right click the image or the active page and select Move to Center Wall from the menu.
Make a Page Sticky
Right mouse click on a right wall image and select "Make Sticky" from the menu.  To make the center wall or active right wall page sticky click the red Sticky toolbar button.

Browse3D Menu and Toolbar:


   Toolbar Guide:

Open a static or active file to the sticky wall
Save the web pages on the sticky wall to an active or static file
Print the center wall Web page

Scrolls the left wall history pages to the left
Scrolls the left wall history pages to the right towards more recent history pages
Toggles the scene between the default 3D room view and a zoom out view of the entire room
Toggles the scene between Full Screen mode and the default 3D room view
Pans the scene left one wall
Pans the scene right one wall

Toggles the right wall mode between the auto forward crawling on and auto forward crawling off (auto forward crawling on displays center wall web links on the right wall automatically)
Rotates the right wall to show the previous wall and set of web pages
Rotates the right wall to show the next wall and set of web pages
Toggles the right wall between the forward right wall page view and the sticky page view
Clears the right wall that is visible when clicked (either the sticky wall or the right wall displaying forward links) 
Organizes the right or sticky wall (whichever is visible) so that no blanks pages or spots exist

Toggles the right wall between 4-Live mode and normal mode.  Note: 4-Live mode can only be activated when the right wall is configured with 4 pages.

Toggles the the right wall toolbars on and off when the 4-Live mode is active.
Navigates the browser to the URL or web address in the Address Box

Cut the web page and place it into the Browse3D clipboard

Paste the web page from the Browse3D clipboard into the current browser

Why Use Browse3D? Browse3D is excellent when using sites with lists like Google or eBay.  Just hold down the Ctrl key and click on as many links as you'd like.  Those Web pages are loaded to the Browse3D right wall for immediate access while you continue to have full use of the center wall Web page.  Browse3D also blocks annoying pop-ups and provides a complete visual history of where you've been on the left wall.

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