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Browse3D Browser v3.0



What are Browse3D Rooms?

With the Browse3D Browser you can save up to 36 web pages (5 with the free version) either in a Static or Active "Room."  Static Rooms save the entire content of the Web page, graphics, text and links.  This is great for saving research or Web content that may change.  Active Rooms save the URLs, and when the room is opened, the content of those pages refresh. This is a great way to track Web pages where you need to see the most recent content, like when you are tracking auctions on eBay. 

Try it out.  Download a room and then open it up with your free version of Browse3D.

The Current Room Features Favorite Recipes from the Web

Patton's Picks (440KB file)
(Static Room)

Patton's Picks (1KB file)
(Active Room)

Have a favorite Room of your own?  Send it to us.  We prefer Rooms that consist of between 3 and 5 Web pages and generally all relate to one subject.  Send your Rooms to rooms@browse3d.com.

Don't know how to open your room?  Here's how.  If the Browse3D Browser is not open, simply double click on the file you downloaded and Browse3D will open and load the file automatically.
If Browse3D is already open, click    on the toolbar or click File and then Open on the Browse3D menu bar.  Then simply select the directory and the file name you want to open.

Previous Featured Rooms:

Pictures from the Web (280KB file) (Static Room 3/2002)

Pictures from the Web (1KB file) (Active Room)

Financial Web Pages (320KB file) (Static Room 3/2002)

Financial Web Pages (1KB file) (Active Room)

Wireless Networking Web Pages (545KB file) (Static Room 3/2002)

Wireless Networking Web Pages (1KB file) (Active Room)



Why Use Browse3D? Browse3D is excellent when using sites with lists like Google or eBay.  Just hold down the Ctrl key and click on as many links as you'd like.  Those Web pages are loaded to the Browse3D right wall for immediate access while you continue to have full use of the center wall Web page.  Browse3D also blocks annoying pop-ups and provides a complete visual history of where you've been on the left wall.

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